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Imam Abu Abbas Al Morsi Mosque Quitbay - Citadel Alexandia Pompey's Pillar


Alexandria is the second-largest city in Egypt and lays directly on the Mediterranean coast. Founded in 331 BC by Alexander the Great, it remained Egypt’s capital for nearly a thousand years, until in AD 641 it was conquered by the Muslims. A new capital was created, called Fustat, which later became part of Cairo. One of the seven wonders of the Ancient World was the Lighthouse of Alexandria and was for many centuries amongst the tallest man-made structures on Earth. Such sites to be seen here, such as Pompey's Pillar, is the largest construction of its type constructed outside of Rome. It is one of the largest monolithic colums ever erected. Still today, with archaeology in the harbour still ongoing, it is revealing many new details of ancient Alexandria.

Port Said is a city that lies in north east Egypt along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The city was established in 1859 primarily due to the building of the Suez Canal. It is an important harbour for Egyptian exports but is also a major fuelling port for ships that pass through the Suez canal. It is also a popular tourist destination during summer.



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